NUTRIRETE.lab is a network to collect food composition data, produced by public and private laboratories. The network was established to create a link between food data producers and users.
Check the map to see who’s part of it and the type of data that we received. You can also join, it is matter of a clic.. If your lab (private or public) deals with macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, bioactive compounds, antioxidant activity of food, etc. in food commodities available for consumption in Italy, you can join NUTRIRETE.lab we are looking for recent data (from 2005 and on), either published or un-published your data will be included in an MS-ACCESS database: the information will be used to update the Italian food composition tables and databases please contact us to receive more details for data transfer. Just clic

WHY? The availability of information on the nutrient composition of food is needed both for clinical use (nutrition, dietetics, disease prevention, epidemiology) and for technological and marketing use (food production and consumer information) in Italy, two databases are available: the ex-INRAN Food Tables (Roma) and BDA IEO (Milano). These instruments need continuous update to keep up-to-date with the evolving food market several laboratories measure nutrients in food for research purposes, for food labeling, for quality control, to comply with regulations, to develop novel food, etc… All this information could also be included in food composition databases, but supply and demand do not always meet data describing the composition of food that we usually consume are under-utilized and food data banks remain therefore incomplete.

QUALITY NUTIRETE.lab complies with EuroFIR‘s quality standards (EuroFIR is a non profit International Association for the development, diffusion and harmonization of food composition information)

FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US If you would like to join NUTRIRETE.lab or if you are interested in receiving more information, please contact us at
You may also contact us personally by mail, phone or Skype:

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